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So why is it do you think that people are now becoming more aware of creativity?

As our society becomes more technologically advanced life seems to proceed at a faster and faster pace.  Product turn around times are decreasing and people’s expectations of what they want and when they want it by, are increasing.  They are desiring a constant flow of all things new and wonderful.  Already we are living in the age of science fiction.  When I was a kid – video phones or their ilk were something you saw on Star Trek. I wonder how close we are coming to ‘Beam me up Scotty’?

Of course all this causes increased pressure on businesses to be more innovative and stay out front.  And this I believe is why the business world on a wider scale is beginning to ask questions like, well creativity is all very well but how do we tap into it?  After all, aren’t only gifted, special kind of people creative?  Well you know what?  NO  – look even crows are creative – not enough sticks for a nest – Hey no problem!

Even animals break the rules!

Even crows break the rules!

Well of course with people we have a bit of a different story. The problem being,  that the place where creativity is born,  is pretty much the opposite of the corporate or even indeed often, the small business world.

Creativity requires the ability to fail, the need for breaking rules,  being prepared to look silly even,  living with the fear and the fact of failure, a willingness to take risks AND being able to open one’s self enough to hear and align with one’s own place of genius.

Well,  not much at all really!!  All in a days work for an artist.

Thanks to wikimedia.org for the foto

Thanks to wikimedia.org for the foto



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Neo Renaissance


It’s kind of funny I think, the way we get stuck in concepts and labels. To say we are living in this age or that one – what does that really mean?

To say that we are now living in the   Age of Creativity – does that mean that people haven’t really been creative before?  I think not! So why do the powers that deem such things, think Creativity is the all important issue  right now?

From research I have done this seems to be a birthing within the business world.  The artistic/creative  community has known for a long time, that Creativity is an intrinsic quality within us all- LOL. Perhaps this era will become known as the Neo Renaissance – has a nice ring to it  don’t you think?

Above are hydraulic devices invented by Leonardo da Vinci in the 16th century – it seems Creativity was alive and well then!


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Kadira Hi – I’m Kadira.

I am one half of the dynamic duo which comprises InnerPrints – the other half – whom you will be hearing from a bit later is Prue.

So here is a new beginning and  what might you expect to see if you drop by our blog regularly?

Here are some thoughts from my perspective ………….

My passion is creativity in all its shapes and forms so  this is one of the threads I will  be exploring with you, including thoughts upon…………..

  • What is the nature of creativity?
  • Who has it and how we can develop it?
  • A  look at how we discount creativity and its impact on our lives and even ignore it within ourselves.
  • I am also interested in exploring how our creative core is linked to the abundance we manifest within the world
  • AND the role that creativity plays in self development.

Did you know that we are now living in the Age of Creativity?  What does that mean for us and how can we expect it to impact our lives?

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