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Carved Stone Stopper

You know the idea of putting a mark on something to let others know it is yours, has been with us for quite a while.  It seems that around 8000 years ago, people living in villages in  Mesopotamia began to personalise stone seals, which they put into stoppers in drinking containers.  Very creative  too. This would have been a pretty time consuming operation if you take a look at the picture.  More than a matter of just X marks the spot I do believe!

Well it seems this love affair has continued from then until now, showing up in all kinds of unexpected ways.

‘Primitive’  peoples and those who were unfamiliar with the written word, have long ‘made their mark’ upon important documents – see here a fragment of  the Treaty of Waitangi – signed between the Maoris and the Pakehas at Waitangi on 6 February 1840.  You can see the ‘Marks’ of the Maori Chieftain’s quite clearly.    To see more visit New Zealand History Online.  And what’s more – they also have clearly been creative in their flourishes.

Thank you to nzhistory.net for the image

Thanks to nzhistory.net for the image

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