Broken Dreams

Broken Dreams

“Wake up! WAKE UP I SAY!!”

I open one eye to see the turquoise waters swirling at my feet and lift my head momentarily to the jewel like sky, quickly burying it again, trying to contain the pain in a world that has fallen apart.

How many things do we miss in life because we are unconscious.  Unconscious in Grief, in Love, at Work.

This painting was done after my dad died – one of a series.  My grief was a deep and bottomless pit.  You can see the figure (me), breaking apart.  I am oblivious to the ribbons of possibility streaming down behind me.  Some are past integrations – DNA like absorptions into my being.  Some I just never see.

We subconsciously process 40 Billion bits of information per second. That’s a BIG number, and of those 40 Billion bits,  ONLY  2000 make it into the conscious arena.  Thus our lives are limited to the 2000 bits we are focusing on.

So – what does this mean for your business? What your business looks like at the moment is what you have chosen to focus on – And …..

My question to you is – JUST WHAT HAVE you focused on and how does that collect the attention of your observers?   Will it excite them enough to focus some of  THEIR  2000 conscious bytes on YOU!



The quote above has 5 of my favourite words.  Dream, Genius, Boldness, Power and Magic.  Phew. That’s a huge amount to pack into a short quote and a well known quote at that. In fact you’ve probably seen it a million times.  Almost a cliché you might say. Except that it is also a Truth that offers the possibility of a life that has a bigness to it.  ‘Bigness’ is something that we each own, that is a part of our personal genius.  We don’t always recognize it in ourselves though because we’re not always connected to our own personal brand of genius.  Our ‘bigness’ is always larger than we think possible, and fanning the flame of bigness requires boldness (as well as clarity, focus and a good plan) to step into it. Then…..magic happens……… if we let it.


Today  I want to share with you 2 amazing  clips  from  art-house film, The Double Life of Veronique, which I saw for the first time a couple of months ago.  I loved this film to bits  – I have only seen it once but would love to see it again.  I would say,  that of course the impact of seeing this on a big screen,  made it 100 times more powerful – as it always does.  After all that’s why we still go to the movies isn’t it?

A Polish director Krzysztof Kieslowski made this french film.  It is so stunningly beautiful it absolutely took my breath away.  And the score …………. some of the most haunting, gut wrenching, exquisitely painful music I’ve ever heard.  The first  clip is of the scene where Veronique dies – it is just magnificent!

And the second clip – words are just totally inadequate to describe the mastery of this scene,  from it’s choreography,  to the exquisite beauty of the marionette.  It is a tremendous loss to the world that this brilliant director is no longer with us.  However we are supremely fortunate in being able to share in the experience of his legacy still.  I believe he achieved the perfection of his genre – for every frame of his movie is like a fully painted masterpiece.  Kadira

I have a book on Georgia O’Keeffe and I have to say that the introduction is, pages of the most verbose, wordy, intellectual nonsense I’ve ever had the misfortune to read.  This is what happens when someone who is not an artist, tries to explain to us what an artwork is about.  I mean to say – this is hard enough for the artist themselves to do often times.

Pelvis III

Pelvis III

What these people don’t seem to get is that the picture says it all.  An artwork gives us an opportunity to experience a different language – the visual language, if we will allow ourselves to be open enough to make this connection.  It connects directly to our emotions,  if we will allow that.

The  experience it gives us  is ours alone because we come to it with our own unique history. It will give to us individually exactly what we are meant to get out of it.   Why do we need some one else to interpret it for us unless it is the artist themselves.  I don’t have the exact quote but Georgia once was asked a question by a  news  reporter along the lines  of   ‘ Yes but what does the painting really mean?’  to  which she made a  reply to  the  effect  of,  ‘ Well if I had to use words to explain it why would I bother to paint it?’   Which I think says it all really.


Kindness According to Wikipedia  is the act or the state of being kind and marked by charitable behaviour, marked by mild disposition, pleasantness, tenderness and concern for others.

There are two very important things about kindness: 1. It’s free – absolutely and gloriously free of charge and 2. conversely, the value it adds is priceless. While we often hear or read about the personal acts of kindness between people, it can be a very different story in business.  I was in one of the two big supermarkets here in Australia the other night listening to one of the employees dealing with a customer.  This customer may well have been a bit of a pain in the butt, she may have been back more than once to this particular night manager, but he, in no uncertain terms, let her know that not finding the particular item was her own fault because he absolutely knew it was there, and that she was beginning to annoy him, keep him from his obviously really important real work.

No business, large or small, can afford any longer to indulge in this condescending type of behaviour.  It may be harder to monitor in an organization this size, but it’s still vitally important to treat your customers with respect and dare I say it, kindness. In fact, to stay in business means to be remarkable in some way.  This is becoming more and more important as the old avenues of advertising become less effective.  Showing simple acts of kindness to each and every customer that comes in the door is not only effective but free.

The video below has only been seen about 46 million times, so there’s perhaps only a slim chance that you haven’t seen it.  But it’s one of my favourites –(I might even have contributed half a million or so views:)  I can watch it over and over for ‘feel good value’.



“Where I was born and where and how I have lived is unimportant.  It is what I have done with where I have been that should be  of interest.”

Georgia Okeeffe(New York: Viking Press, 1976), p.1

Oriental Poppies

Oriental Poppies


joe mcnallyI bought a photography book recently – The Moment It Clicks by Joe McNally. (You can find him here at his blog and here for some cool photography tutorials.)  I briefly opened the book in the bookstore and immediately knew that it was a book for me, not only because the photographs make me gasp, but because of this line that captured my imagination.

“If you want to be a better photographer, stand in front of more interesting stuff.”

I could tell just from this small glimpse, that Joe McNally is someone who pushes himself to take chances, grab those opportunities.  He seems to me to be fearless in his search for….. well whatever it is that drives him onward and he does seem pretty driven – and the results are sublime.

Anyway, when I read that sentence, it occurred to me that perhaps it didn’t just apply to good photography, but was really a philosophy on how to ‘do’ life. When our boundaries are pushed in the search for ourselves – not just ourselves, but our greatest self, or our potential great self, there is no doubt that we have to jump out of our comfort zones and put ourselves into situations that are ‘more interesting’ – even perhaps downright scary. I really like the idea of this philosophy.  I’m officially on the lookout for ‘more interesting stuff’.  I’ll keep you posted.