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Kadira Hi – I’m Kadira.

I am one half of the dynamic duo which comprises InnerPrints – the other half – whom you will be hearing from a bit later is Prue.

So here is a new beginning and  what might you expect to see if you drop by our blog regularly?

Here are some thoughts from my perspective ………….

My passion is creativity in all its shapes and forms so  this is one of the threads I will  be exploring with you, including thoughts upon…………..

  • What is the nature of creativity?
  • Who has it and how we can develop it?
  • A  look at how we discount creativity and its impact on our lives and even ignore it within ourselves.
  • I am also interested in exploring how our creative core is linked to the abundance we manifest within the world
  • AND the role that creativity plays in self development.

Did you know that we are now living in the Age of Creativity?  What does that mean for us and how can we expect it to impact our lives?


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