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My friend Kadira wasn’t always called Kadira.  One day (after much thought) she decided that it was time her life became extraordinary, a life created consciously, in step with herself – a much more authentic self than in the past.   Part of that journey of self-discovery was her own renaming – taking on another name that spoke to her about all the inside pieces that she felt had never really seen the light of day – those pieces of ourselves that can often be stomped on by others, by life and so often remain hidden.

It’s interesting though, how a change of name can be incredibly confronting to those closest to you.  It sometimes requires an internal shift, and a letting go, and looking inside to see why we want people around us to stay the same.  It’s comfortable, it’s easy and it doesn’t require personal change.

I know someone who gave herself ‘Rocket’ as a second name. A bold name to live up to for sure, with supercharged energy.  And why not?  Why not make the decision to create the kind of lives that we want that truly reflects who we feel we are inside.  Only we know what we are really capable of being and it could be amazing.



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