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Peter's Party

Peter's Party

It is Sunday afternoon.  The sky is looking like rain and the wind’s a little bit chilly.

I’ve just driven up to The Entrance to visit some friends.  Ah! there, that’s got to be it doesn’t it?  Black, white and blue balloons, people huddling in the cold around a barbecue and clutching onto bottles of beer and plastic cups filled with wine.   As I get out of the car I spy Peter – his jacket matches the balloons – and I wonder to myself if that was intentional.  One lady is wearing a big brown furry rug,  which I’m rather wishing I could share as I grab my camera and make my way over to join them.

So why am I here? Well this is Peter and Wendy’s ‘Piss off Party’ ( their words not mine).  A celebration of creating a new chapter in their life’s journey.  And where might you ask are they going?  Well, they are going to live their dream.

They stepped onto this path almost a year ago when they put their house on the market, bought a Winnebago and decided to travel around Australia.   Wendy’s dreamed about doing this for a long time.  So to this end Peter packed up his office  (that was a journey in itself – but that’s his story not mine to tell) and decided to turn himself into a ‘mobile’ coach and continue his coaching  business while they  travel.  And why not?

You know, what I think has been really interesting is watching other people’s reactions to Peter and Wendy’s decision. Of course as one might expect this decision did not sit well with all of their family members.

But what fascinated me most was how many people were challenged by the fact that Peter and Wendy don’t have a planned itinerary.  They are following the energy, following their intuition.  To live your life with that degree of trust in your own unfolding,  your own creation – that is true creativity and to my mind takes real courage.

They are feeling the fear and doing it anyway ! Wooooo Hoooooo!!!

Peter  and Wendy – I celebrate your courage and expect that you will have the most amazing journey, creating a story that would never have been experienced sitting at home  – I look forward to reading your blog about it.  Bon Voyage!! ……….Kadira

Peter's New Home & Final Farewells

Peter's New Home & Final Farewells


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