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Mirror Mirror On the Wall….

mirror 2When I was young, I used to stand in front of my mum’s dressing table and using my great grandma’s silver hand mirror, I would become lost in a magical world – similar to the  one you see here.  I was fascinated by the way I could see myself multiplied over and over.

Thanks to Josh Steiger for this image  –

I felt like I was looking through the doorway of possibilities and wondering where they might lead to ?  It wasn’t until I had my InnerPrint@ work done, that I actually understood what I had been doing all those years ago.  Not only that, I also discovered this pattern had woven its way consistently throughout my life…..



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There were so many things to look at!

There were so many things to look at!

You know, there’s nothing quite like marking an occasion with a ceremony. A ceremony acts as a celebration, a rite of passage, an invitation to step into another stage of life surrounded by your friends and well-wishers. A few Sundays ago, a small group of us met on a beautiful and rather mysterious property near Newcastle, to celebrate with Kadira, the changing of her name.  The ceremony was an Aboriginal one, presided over by Lani, (equally beautiful and mysterious).  It was an amazing experience, heartfelt and memorable.  We weren’t able to take photos of the ceremony itself, but both the ceremony and the property were magical – with photo opportunities everywhere you looked.  I wish I was a better photographer   – Sigh…one day…


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