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So fast forward about 30 years and this thread becomes very visible in my art work.  Here I was layering and fracturing the landscape – piling one on top of the other – playing with visual and conceptual reality.  In the beginning I just thought I was trying to come up with a new concept in landscape painting but what was interesting was a comment from my brother several years later.

He said something along the lines of  ‘ You know when you look at that body of work and relate it to what was going on in your life at the time – it was a reflection of it in a way. ‘  That blew me away because I’d never thought of it like that before. And it was true – my life was quite fractured at the time.

Then, when I did my Innerprint@Work years later I  understood at last what I had been striving to achieve in pretty much all of my art works.  My InnerPrint@Work is: Reframing Perception  – and when you look at the painting it is so obvious.  But you know – I never realized  what it was I was striving to achieve.   Not only that, I had been engaging in this process instinctively, going way back to the days, when I used to gaze into mum’s mirror, not  just in creative endeavours but in all areas of my life.

I find this understanding invaluable because it helps keep me on track, particularly in relation to the work I do.  If things aren’t going too well I can pretty much know that my Reframing Perception is either not being used or needs tweaking in some way……

Kadira :)

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