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joe mcnallyI bought a photography book recently – The Moment It Clicks by Joe McNally. (You can find him here at his blog and here for some cool photography tutorials.)  I briefly opened the book in the bookstore and immediately knew that it was a book for me, not only because the photographs make me gasp, but because of this line that captured my imagination.

“If you want to be a better photographer, stand in front of more interesting stuff.”

I could tell just from this small glimpse, that Joe McNally is someone who pushes himself to take chances, grab those opportunities.  He seems to me to be fearless in his search for….. well whatever it is that drives him onward and he does seem pretty driven – and the results are sublime.

Anyway, when I read that sentence, it occurred to me that perhaps it didn’t just apply to good photography, but was really a philosophy on how to ‘do’ life. When our boundaries are pushed in the search for ourselves – not just ourselves, but our greatest self, or our potential great self, there is no doubt that we have to jump out of our comfort zones and put ourselves into situations that are ‘more interesting’ – even perhaps downright scary. I really like the idea of this philosophy.  I’m officially on the lookout for ‘more interesting stuff’.  I’ll keep you posted.



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